Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 2

Rose Hip

They found a rose hip and they thought it would make a good water bottle.






They found a few berries! Salmonberries.





And more teeny blackberries.





The blackberries were yummy.





They finally found some huckleberries!



This is the second of three instalments about the Comox Valley berry adventure!




15 thoughts on “Comox Valley Hittys Berry Adventure 2

    • The tiny Hitty is a resin cast of a doll carved by Sara Cole…they featured in a series of blog posts in December 2014 and January 2015. Click here to get a link to the first episode, or type half Pint into the Quimper Hitty Search Box!

  1. Oh! La! La! Comox valley is a berry treasure chest! Don’t think I’ve seen such an assortment before. Thank you Linea and Lavender for sharing this bountiful berry adventure.

  2. Oh yum! Delicious berries – so many that I have never seen or tasted! I assume that this is an adventure from the Littlest Storytelling Human and her dolls- but Dulcie didn’t get to go on the adventure? I hope that she will get to share the berries and flowers. Please tell LSH that I am enjoying her chronicles. 🙂

    • It is indeed an episode of fun and delight from the Littlest Storytelling Human in the family…she and her Hittys are great adventurers, and I am overjoyed to see the resulting delightful stories!

  3. So many berries we do not have here….except for blackberries. I do like that rose hip water bottle! Clever Hittys and clever little story teller!

    • Those are the most delicious autochthonous blackberries, much more concentrated in flavour than the invasive Himalayan ones…but there are many of both kinds around here. The Huckleberries are especially bountiful this year!

  4. Never heard of huckle berries and salmon berries before – I am sure they are delicious – The Quimper girls provide us with so much valuable information – much appreciated

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