Cool Evening

Good King Henry

After a damp and foggy day, Perdita checked on the Good King Henry…which is doing fine except for a couple of leaf miners…



Autumn Crocus

…the Autumn Crocus is in bloom – it is definitely the end of summer…



Late Raspberry

…but look – some of the late raspberries are almost ripe!




6 thoughts on “Cool Evening

  1. Ah, reading the words, “it is definitely the end of summer”…sends a chill up my spine. How fast the summer has passed. I enjoyed the cool stroll with Perdita.

    • It is alarming, but true! Nature tells us, in my neighbourhood first with Honey Spas, then the Autumn Crocus, and soon either fresh pears or Brown-eyed Susan and Chrysanthemum flowers. Luckily we love the fall.

  2. We are enjoying cooler weather here too. Such a treat! I must check and see if any of our autumn crocuses are coming up. We are usually behind your garden season. The raspberries look luscious. I am still learning about Good King Henry. Perdita is such a pretty girl!

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