Tipsy got the pebbles…




…Vanilla got the chalk…




…Vanilla threw first – she got as far as Five for silver – yippee…




…oops – her foot went on the line…



Tipsy’s Toss

…Tipsy got as far as Six for gold – yay…



oops again

…her foot went on the line too…




…oh well, Vanilla says she drew the squares too small…




It is fun to play together anyway…



Two for Joy!

The way we learned to play is: stand on the “Earth” to toss the pebble, then say a part of the rhyme as it is thrown. Starting by tossing the pebble to square one,  and say One for sorrow. If it rolls out, you forfeit your turn! But if it stays in the square, you hop over the pebble on the way to “Heaven” ( always landing with one foot on the single squares numbered 1, 2, and 5; and two feet on 3/4 and 6/7 and heaven!) Turn around with a two feet jump still in heaven, and return the same way, picking up the pebble on the way back.  If you make it back without stepping on a line, or falling over, you throw to the second square and say line two. Carry on through the squares in sequence, one through seven, or forfeit your turn if you make a mistake.

The whole rhyme is:

One for sorrow,

Two for Joy

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy

Five for silver,

Six for gold

Seven for the story that never was told!

The rhyme is also used for counting magpies (though we don’t have any on Vancouver Island).

The Quimper Hittys wonder if other kids play hopscotch any more?

15 thoughts on “Hopscotch

  1. How fun for these two QH girls to play hopscotch together. Yes, friends are a most important part of our lives.
    Although I played it in the distant past, I’d never heard a rhyme to go with it. We just jumped through the squares and went on our way. Thanks for the total picture of this childhood game.

    • I used to love hopscotch! I am always glad to see a chalked out hopscotch pattern, and I know there are many many variations with and without rhymes. Next time I see my granddaughter I will see if she knows the game!

  2. This story is absolutely adorable. The girls look precious (as usual). This brings back such happy memories. I wish I could remember the rhymes we sang but my memory isn’t cooperating. I’m going to introduce this game to the children in our family (via their parents) who are looking for games to play with the kids now. Loved this…thank you.

  3. I seem to think we had a rhyme for hopscotch but it wasn’t the one you shared. Can’t bring it up from the mists of time at the moment – it’ll probably come to me in the middle of the night! I’m glad someone is recording the games we played generations ago. 🙂

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