Floradora’s Gerbera


When this bouquet was fresh, Guttersnipe sat up in the Gerbera. For the last two weeks, the human has been reducing the bouquet as the flowers fade…



Petals and seeds

…but this morning the Gerbera suddenly dropped almost all its petals and seeds!




Just one lonely petal and one fluffy seed was left on the stalk!




The rest are in a pink puddle on the tablecloth…




…we’ve never seen a Gerbera seed – isn’t it interesting how it has a little umbrella like a Dandelion, and is attached to the petal?




Floradora collected the seeds…




…and will store them until spring…



Looking forward

…maybe we can grow them in our garden!





19 thoughts on “Floradora’s Gerbera

    • I think Floradora might well enjoy spending time in our garden, particularly in a few months when it stops being cold and wet outside…although if Rose gets her some socks knitted up, and I find some shoes that fit she may well go out sooner!
      We love those Provençal fabrics, some acquired in Provence in 2010, some in charity shops here in Victoria, and some from my mother-in-law, who bought them in the 1960’s.

  1. Oh, that will be a fun project for Floradora and others who may join her in awaiting the chance to plant the Gerbera seeds and await their response. I find it exciting at times to have something to look forward to as they days go by.

    • Definitely we all need positive things to look forward to, and gardening, especially planting seeds is a hopeful activity…I think Floradora is going to be a good example – born in a difficult year, but looking forward nonetheless.

    • We’ll begin by drying the seeds…if they look viable we will try and start them early, as they require 18 to 24 weeks from germination to blooming! They are a South African native plant, but should be alright in our biogeoclimatic zone.

    • It will be fun! But if they don’t take, we have other plants to try…Floradora and Perdita should make a good team out in the garden…we have a whole section of low growing plants just for them! We have hopes!

  2. How fascinating! I have never seen a Gerbera seed either,. Yay for Floradora! I hope she has great success growing gerberas next year.

  3. one of the most fun things about gardening is plannning what to plant next year!! Floradora is so sweet…surely any plant she touches will bloom profusely!!

    • Floradora is hopeful! The pink Gerbera Daisy was such a pretty colour and she seems to be fond of all kinds of daisies maybe she will be lucky, or persuasive enough to get this one to grow!!

  4. what amazing world you create, I loved so much. I wanted to be in this miniature world… Floradoras is amazing…Your photographs and stories too. Thank you, Love, nia

      • … 🙂 do you know what I try to say, you know j.r.r. tolkien, one of my favurite writer, he created a new world and did a great job with his books. You are m same, at least for me this is same. You create a world maybe not a new one but what we have already forgotten. I love so much. You are welcome and Thank you, Stay in safe, Love, nia

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