The Land of Counterpane


Floradora was pleased to meet two of her sisters in the land of counterpane…




…they visited the rose garden…




…and went on a nature walk in the forest…




…where they spotted some wildlife!




They played a game of “Go Fish” on the card trick block…




…and climbed up the delectable mountains…




…and sat at the summit for a while looking at the view!





11 thoughts on “The Land of Counterpane

    • Aurelia loves that dress too, and is loathe to put on a winter outfit so far…but the weather is getting colder, so we’ll see how long she holds out. If you should arrive in our Hitty Cupboard, by whatever means, you’d be very very welcome!

  1. You’ve taken us into an imaginary land of delight. I cannot get over the wonderful, whimsical, way you think of taking us along. Floradora does look about 8 years old. I see Carrot soup and Aurelia are glad she is their new sister. The three of them are a great team.

    • We are always glad when you tag along on our adventures…fun is usually more fun when you have friends along…it always takes a bit of time for a new girl to settle in, but Carrot Soup and Aurelia are doing their best to make Floradora feel at home in the cupboard.

  2. I am enraptured by the above, lyrical journey through counterpane. Ah, your dolls live in such an imaginary place. I know I can come along by them in your magical journeys and wow! I am greatly honored.

    • The trip through our 20 year old sampler quilt was a delight, despite the frayed binding, snagged lining and faded borders…with new friends, far away friends, good friends, old friends…you are all good company, and I thank you all!

    • It is definitely more magical with all you kind people along on the journey…spinners and weavers, and makers of stories and fun need the readers and reminders to make them all real!

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