Contemplative Sunset Walk


Tipsy, Tansy and Vanilla walked…



Rocky path

…down to the rocky foreshore…




…to sit on their favourite chair…




…to watch the sunset.



Piles of golden clouds


Mother of Pearl


Ocean Path



Oh, how lovely!!





9 thoughts on “Contemplative Sunset Walk

    • We heard wavelets lapping, birds whistling and bleating, the noisy exhalation of a sea lion, and the murmuring voices of other people watching the sunset…often we hear bagpipes, but not tonight…and no French horns, alas.

      • No… I have a mild case of synaesthesia. I sometimes experience colours as sounds. That was a French horn sunset. The really bright ones are trumpets!

  1. It’s quietly wonderful to have gotten away with Tipsy, Vanilla and Tansy to that quiet, contemplative foreshore spot. Although I didn’t hear French horns (my, wouldn’t that be grand to do so!), I was able to decompress a bit looking at those splendid shots that the Earth, daily yields to us.

    • It is so gorgeous down at that spot, and every time I go, I wonder why I don’t go more often! It was a very calming evening walk, and made me think how glad and how lucky I am to live in a place like this…the sunset isn’t always as glorious, but there is always some peace, or loveliness that makes me glad to have made the short trip there.

  2. There are times when viewing Nature, takes your breathe away, and you know you have been in the presence of something sacred. This is one of those times.

    • There were darkening clouds to the west, but a glow in the sky drew us outdoors…the evening was mild and calm…suddenly the topmost clouds blazed with golden pink like a halo or a crown, subsiding gently to a mother-of-pearl, to grey, to black. It was sacred and evening, and wonderful… We made it home before the rain!

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