Carving Tuesday

Judy Brown Black Walnut

Four years ago I took a carving class with Judy Brown.  I bought one of her Black Walnut Blanks, but waited to carve her until I felt a bit more sure of myself. I packed the blank up into my tool bag and carried it to Oregon with me last week.

I was so lucky that Janet Cordell was visiting too! She helped me get the blank from this condition…



Smiles on Monday

…to this!

I am so incredibly lucky, and grateful! Janet helped by describing, illustrating, encouraging, removing big chunks of wood when my hands ached, and little ones when I needed to refine a concept.  She helped me understand shapes and planes, advised on details, and helped me find the face of a little brown girl in the wood.




My friends from Ghana tell me that people can be named after the day of the week they were born – so on August 1st, I gave this girl the name Tuesday.  The word in the Akan language is associated with the ocean so it is also perfect for someone who came into existence on the Oregon coast!



Ferry Ride

The day after Tuesday was finished, we all drove northward for six hours, and then went on a ferry ride…



Welcome Home!

…and once we were back in Quimperland, we were met by an enthusiastic welcoming committee of Hittys!


Thank you so much, Janet for all the help and encouragement! Click here for Janet’s website.

Click here to find out about Judy Brown doll blanks.



32 thoughts on “Carving Tuesday

  1. She is remarkable…the carving and the wood itself. Just remarkable…and adorable. I salute your talent!! And what a really marvelous time you must have had with Janet and friends. I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Tuesday took my breath away. You can tell the soul of the tree went right into sweet, precious Tuesday. Her hair is…I wish I had the correct word to describe…Amazing. I am in love again.

    • Sweet and precious is how I think of her too – and I am sure it is very much resulting from the environment I was in while I was working on her. So many people helped me to get this far in my doll-making, I am very grateful to them all!

  3. Tuesday is absolutely stunning! You truly brought a wonderful little spirit to life. Really look forward to seeing her future adventures.

  4. Beautiful!!! You have created a masterpiece. And an aside concerning her dress…Hitty Marie Claire noticed those tiny chickens immediately!!!

  5. Oh she is delightful, how lucky you were to have Janet help encourage and assist you. I have a partially (very partially) carved walnut blank…not sure if I will ever get her finished…I tried to do some carving a few weeks back, but my hands are just too sore at the moment.

    • The walnut is pretty hard going! I was glad to be able to do just a bit at a time, and for Janet to whack of the big chunks for me! Both things helped my hands when they were sore.

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