Sewing for the Market


With rain, wind, and threats of snow – the weather outside has been stormy…




…but Constance and I have been indoors, sitting next to the fire, sewing up a different kind of storm.




We are getting ready for a special event!



If you have a well behaved Hitty or other small doll you may want to check out the special Holiday Prelude Market – I will post a link next week on November 16 at 10:00 am Eastern Time.

On the 16th you will be able to find your way to the Market to admire, and perhaps reward your doll with a treat from one of several Artisans who specialise in Hitty and Miniature crafts.

Thank you Dollhouse lady for inviting me to join this distinctive group of Hitty Craftspeople!





11 thoughts on “Sewing for the Market

  1. I’m glad for you, that your work is shared, hopefully far and wide. Great admiration for your work is being sent forth from the Müttersholtz Hitty household to you.

    • Thank you – It should be fun…we liked the idea of a Hitty craft fair, and this may be the only one we can attend this year because of absolute “Social Distancing” needs. This idea fits perfectly! Constance is not a very pushy entrepreneur but she is hoping for brisk sales.

    • Aw…thanks! We adore our little shop – made for us by the wonderful Dollhouse Lady! Constance is very excited to be able to showcase it here and at the Hitty Craft fair. She will be in exalted company!

  2. Quimper Hitty and ArtToPlayWithHitty are oh so fun to view…creative and special. I’m so thankful that I have found these wonderful Hitty lovers. Hitty’s are a blessing to me…they have added so much joy to my life.

    • It is so wonderful to have Hitty friends, who don’t look askance and sidle away when I mention my love of small wooden dolls! Hittys and Hitty friends are a blessing and a joy in my life too! I really think it will be a fun experience to participate in this Market!

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