Lucia Day

Sankta Lucia

Constance is the oldest girl in the family so she was Lucia yesterday…

The dear little Tomten girls love Lucia Day, Rose played a Lucia song and Mormor got nostalgic:


I hope angels come at Christmas:

listen to the beautiful songs.

I hope you hear the great message of love:

peace bells ringing.

I hope, for your journey,

the protection of angels, forever,

Now at Christmas and always.


click here for a lovely Lucia’s day concert from Northern Sweden.






13 thoughts on “Lucia Day

  1. Such a peaceful, beautiful scene! I can almost hear the piano playing…puts us right in the mood for the Holidays. this is my first treat today 😘

    • Lucia Day is one of our favourite days of the year, Christmas doesn’t really begin for us until then. Rose is a good piano player, but the Lucia song is quite simple…all the girls sing the words, and Mormor sings in Swedish.

  2. In the county in Northern Italy where I was born, we too celebrate the 13th of December. The traditions are different but the main character is Lucia as well, and the message is of love as well. ;*

    • Lucia was from your part of the world, but people in the darkest Northern part of the continent love her because she brings the light back at this time of year near the winter solstice. We can all use some light now, not to mention the messages of love.

  3. This is such a beautiful scene. Thank you for filling our days with your serene creativity, showering us with natural beauty and snuggling us into views of the QH home life. I feel very blessed to read your posts.

  4. This photo is gorgeous. I want to be able to jump right into it. The height of cozy and welcoming. The chandelier is amazing. This is a magazine cover picture.

  5. I am sending such good wishes to the Quimper Hitty family and their humans! Constance is a lovely St. Lucia…Rose is a Hitty of many talents and those adorable little girls….the whole scene is just heart warming. Thank you.

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