Tomten Hats

knitting companions

Mormor and Rose are knitting together…



More Socks

…Rose is casting-on the third pair of Christmas socks…




…while Mormor has got the leftovers of the Merino/Yak wool and is knitting for some of the younger Hittys.




Here you go – one each!




These three girls are being so helpful around the house (especially with the Advent Calendar present-opening), Mormor calls them her kära små Tomten-tjejer, and decided they needed  Tomten hats!

Click Here  to learn about tomte.

12 thoughts on “Tomten Hats

  1. Ahhh, I so treasure your narratives and observations of the Quimper Hittys. My heart sings reading this oh so homey glimpse of some of the dear dolls of the Quimper Hitty household. The hats are very dear and so culturally appropriate for your growing group of FUN loving dolls.

  2. Love this on several levels.
    So wonderful seeing Mormor and Rose knitting together.
    I have purchased a few of the Tomten books for our great nieces and even for my Swedish Great Aunt…We all enjoy these wonderful books.
    The girls wearing the hats are beyond special to me.

    • I love the Tomten books – they are some of my very favourite books of all time…I think the girls feel very special in their new hats, particularly because their dearest Mormor made them!

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