Star of Wonder


Constance gazed at the star in the window…



Star of wonder, star of wonder.


Please click below to listen to this lovely carol by Terre Roche, sung by the Vancouver men’s choir Chor Leoni.




17 thoughts on “Star of Wonder

  1. How beautiful! The lovely photo of Constance viewing that illuminated star reminded me of the feeling I would get in church before Mass began. A quiet and holy moment in time. Then the choir was just like the change when Mass would begin. Thank You…this was so special to me.

  2. Ah… when I saw the title of this postI thought that this post would be about the planets coming together on the Solstice to give us a once in 800 year moment of beauty. This is just as lovely….. thank you so much!

    • We are in the middle of another series of winter storms, lashings of rain, dark grey clouds and obscured skies…I am not particularly optimistic about viewing the conjunction, but we have other sources of starlight and loveliness. We love this Swedish wooden star, it glows hopefully!

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