Advent Calendar 16, 17, 18, 19

December 16 Wild Lettuce

A kind thought – Wild Lettuce herbs, seeds and an infuser…the girls have never heard of insomnia, but they may discover what it’s all about on Christmas Eve!



December 17 Cards

Two beautiful cards showing west coast wildlife. We’ll send these to friends and relatives that we are missing this holiday time.



December 18

Tansy got hold of this delightful fire-starting kit! She wasn’t able to make any field trips this year of Covid, but she is going to pack this in her kit for the next expedition!



December 19

And Jane is looking through her cookbook for Quince Jelly recipes – this is so delicious she wants to try and replicate it with our own quinces next year.



Dear Christmas Angels, we hope you know how much your gifts are appreciated!





14 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 16, 17, 18, 19

  1. These December gifts are a gift to us viewers as well. It’s been fun to see all of these special and creative presents.

  2. I have some wild lettuce growing in my back yard, it’s very common around here. And I used to carry a fire-starting kit very similar to Tansy’s except that I had a Dragon’s Breath steel match which would work even in strong wind.

    • I had never heard this said about wild lettuce…interesting and a thoughtful gift! The Fire-starter kit is such fun – It will be in my hiking kit in the summer (if I can extract it from Tansy!)

    • The “Herald Angels” in The Story said they brought tidings of great joy. These are little expressions of love – but they add up to joy! From so many people, offered during advent, and in a year of distress and grief. I do think of all the contributors as angels, who made an effort to send a little joy and love out into the world. I’m so lucky!

  3. So lovely, the gifts and especially the thought behind them. Truly a breath of fresh air in these trying times.
    Thank you for sharing them with us.

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