Chips and Sawdust

Here I go, chipping away again…



…a bit at a time.



I am taking a zoom doll-carving class through the Woodcarving Academy.  Click Here for their website.

There are six classes, two per week. The cost includes the zoom classes, individual critiques, a doll blank. You have to provide your own tools.  Luckily also the videos of the classes are available for two weeks after the class…I lost a lot of time right at the beginning due to slamming my thumb in a car door.  I am catching up though, because I can go back and stop and start the video as I do the actual carving!



The marvellous Janet Cordell is the teacher…Click Here for her website.



The last class is on Friday.





19 thoughts on “Chips and Sawdust

  1. I am so sorry that you smashed your thumb and I hope that it is all better asap! I love your new doll- she’s gorgeous! I wish that I had known about Janet Cordell’s workshop- I would have loved to have taken it!

    • Thumbnail is a beautiful shade of purpley black now, but at least it doesn’t hurt! If you contact The Woodcarving Academy, or Janet herself, they may be able to let you know if it occurs again. We are a sort of guinea pig class I think, but Janet said she likes the zoom classes, and it may well be the first of many!

  2. K, your woodens are so perfectly Hitty, that I think you would have a full class and waiting list, if you taught how to carve our beloved Hittys. ,

    • I think if all the Quimper Hittys did try and occupy the cupboard at the same time, it would burst! Fortunately they prefer to gambol about the house, and only one or two of them are in the cupboard at any one time.

    • Sometimes the name arrives serendipitously before I am done carving, and other times it becomes clear later. This girl doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ll certainly let you know what it is, as soon as I find out! Thumb’s all better now except for the colour!

  3. I hope your finger is better now. This is wonderful to share with us, I am crazy with all of them. Seems that she would be so beautiful, I keep watching and following your stories. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you! It’s a delight to bring them out of the wood, I am so grateful for my teachers for bringing me this far…and hope for more to come…I have a couple dolls in mind to carve next.

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