Golden Hour


Vanilla and Floradora walked down to the Chinese Cemetery…



Golden Moss was late afternoon and everything was golden.





Ten thousand years ago a glacier scraped this channel, making a perfect path for the girls to walk along…



more scrapings

…the channels show up really well in this raking light…




…they led the girls to a beautiful place to sit and watch the sinking sun, but the wind was chilly so they didn’t linger…




…and besides, it was supper time!






11 thoughts on “Golden Hour

  1. This walk a-long is mesmerizing. It is peaceful and beautiful. The golden light looks magical and who doesn’t love a pizza after a nice long walk. If it were possible, I would transport myself and loved ones there and never leave. Thank You.

  2. Spending “time” with the QHs always does me good. They always are looking on the “golden” side of life. I thank you too for edging me towards that brighter way of viewing a day’s journey. Was it Jane who provided the pizza behind the scenes?

    • We have to work and scramble up from glumness sometimes, a lovely golden evening walk with friends and pizza do definitely help, so thank you for your company! I think the girls sent out for pizza, Jane was out of fresh basil.

  3. Beautiful light… That rock in front of the girls on the bench looks like it would make a comfortable lounger for a human, with maybe a cushion or two! Or maybe the scale is wrong…

    • I am not actually sure about that lounging rock…I’ll have to go back and check it out, and maybe in the summer I’ll try it out, definitely with a pillow, or a yoga mat or something, the rocks are rather abrasive!

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