A New Year’s Dress


We found a piece of fabric called “China Doll”…



Needles and Thread

…threaded up our needles…



Golden Rickrack

…stitched down some rickrack…




…tacked down a hem…



New Year’s Dress

…Arianell is ready for Lunar New Year (she hopes it doesn’t matter that she is not a china doll)!



13 thoughts on “A New Year’s Dress

  1. What a stunner! Arianell looks so very pretty in her New Lunar year dress. That golden trim just adds more richness to that already wow fabric. Did you find it amongst the relative’s fabrics?

  2. We did find this fabric in that collection! Enough for one more dress I think, it was a very little scrap! I like the gold braid at her waist, scavenged off something a while ago (can’t remember what exactly). The wrist trim is gold coloured rickrack I acquired somewhere or other! I love it when bits and pieces come together like that!

  3. Beautiful colours, and fabric… And also I should add this too, you take an amazing photographs, fascinated me all. Thank you creative Quimper Lady! (I loved this, I mean to call you like that, and you?) Love, nia

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