Some Pink on Friday


Henrietta sat on a dull grey branch in the dull grey garden…




…but she climbed a little higher to the colourful part of the bush…




…where some of the blossoms were nipped by frost…




…but others are sweetly pink and opening up.




Last autumn the humans re-positioned this pretty shrub so it could be seen every day from our kitchen table! It is lovely to see the blossoms opening out and filling our view with pink! Henrietta approves!



13 thoughts on “Some Pink on Friday

  1. Great move in replanting that shrub. Seeing such refreshing pink blossoms is just a major boost to starting one’s day or I would imagine it so.

    • It is really lovely, and we are so glad to have done such a lot of work last year, expanding the garden beds meant we had this really great place to reposition the early-flowering rhododendron into.

  2. So cheering and calming to gaze out your window to a pink and green view. Henrietta must have enjoyed her little adventure very much.

    • She did enjoy the jaunt into the sweet pink flowers 🌸, though it was good she went out when she did, during a dry almost sunny moment! There was rain, hail, wind, and other inclement weather all the rest of the day!

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