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Many knitted socks have generated many small balls of leftover yarn…Rose decided to use some of them up in a new sock pattern…




…first she knitted down to the heel…




…then it was time to choose the next leftover ball of yarn…




This is a very odd pattern…Squircle (a free pattern from Ravelry). Rose is persevering…we’ll let you know if they do eventually turn into socks or end up as just a giant knot.



12 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. It will be interesting to see what comes of all of this pattern. The colors are surely beautiful and Rose knits awfully well.

    • We have not tried this ‘recipe’ before, and the picture on the website looked interesting! We shall see. There is is a lot of fiddling about, I will see if I like it well enough to make another pair!

    • We are figuring it out a bit at a time…have pulled out a few rows, but only a few! They will be colourful, and are hopefully going to a member of the family who appreciates oddball colourful clothing!

    • They very well might be ready for the 15th…if they aren’t a complete flop I will post them. I am knitting both at the same time in the hopes of making them somewhat matching.

  2. the colors are certainly delightful…and I bet you wind up with some beautiful socks. You and Rose are so very talented.

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