How Sweet it is!


Oh – how sweet it is…




…when the really Really REALLY bad guy in the opera…




…gets dragged down into the inferno at the end!




Constance loves this opera…

…she always tries to have a Just Desserts Party when Saturday Afternoon at the Opera is broadcasting Mozart’s Don Giovanni!



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13 thoughts on “How Sweet it is!

    • Constance is not totally sure she should be celebrating the downfall of the unrepentant Don Juan, or praying for his soul…but she approves of excuses to eat cake and doesn’t really need the excuse to drink tea!

    • A pleasant afternoon with tea, opera and cake is a pretty nice gift – and it’s good to remember it is our very good fortune, and not just treat it like our Saturday expectation and habit! It was a slightly dreary day outside, and this was very entertaining!

  1. the perfect excuse for a sweets party! And what a spread Constance has arranged. Makes me quite hungry for a slice of cake.

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