Fences, Defences and fun in the mud!

Rotten Old Fence

Tansy’s years of work on archaeological projects have taught her to muck in cheerfully when there is a big job to help with…



Joy, Glory and Satisfaction!

…and the result of the latest project was a glorious new cedar fence…



New Fence

…with an extra  2 foot deer-repelling lattice on top! The additional height of the defences will keep the charming, but voracious garden-destroying vermin beyond the pale, we hope!



Giant tools

Tansy is an experienced and talented archaeologist, so her favourite part of any project is digging through the litter mat, topsoil and clay…



Tiny tools

…because you never know what will turn up!




The latest treasure was a golden ring!



Gold filled

Alas, not very golden, it is only pot metal with a tiny layer of 10 k gold, but Tansy was thrilled! People always ask archaeologists “have you found any gold yet?” and now Tansy can say Yes!



17 thoughts on “Fences, Defences and fun in the mud!

  1. Oh, what a unique find. Leaves one wondering what glorious story goes behind it. I so enjoy reading these little stories of yours. They bring a smile to my face as big as the envy in my heart for a wooden dolly. I’ll have to go bug my woodworking friends…surely one of them could carve one for me. In the meantime, my porcelian “Abigail” featured on the top of my blog will have to do. I should see what adventures she can have at the moment.

    • Oh, btw, let Tansy know that deer can leap flat-footed up to ten feet. I’ve seen it happen over the Village farm’s chainlink fence. It’s an awesome sight to see… deer are soooo beautiful! 🙂 Have a great Holy Week!

    • I am sure Abigail would love to show you the world through her eyes, until you find a Hitty you like…wooden Hitty dolls do show up on Eee Bay occasionally.
      You must have more athletic deer than we do, the ones in this neighbourhood can only manage 8 feet standing vaults…

      • Maybe so. I grew up rural so the deer had to be mighty hardy to escape the coyotes. That and we had gorges. It was beyond words to watch them leap across.

    • Tansy has all the right equipment, she’s a little frustrated with the restrictions at the moment, which are hindering many things, including fieldwork, so this was good practice!

  2. Tansy is my favorite heroine! The intrepid explorer and excavator of treasures and anthropologic wonders!!
    The new fence sounds splendid and will surely repel the ravening hordes of deer….we hope!!

  3. I loved all details, and also you know, photography is another point for me, fascinated me them all. Thank you, Love, nia

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