Pegs and Glue


Three little girls have spent some time in the doll hospital…



shoulders, hips and ankles

…with a broken shoulder peg, a snapped hip peg, and a separated ankle…




…all fixed now (except for a bit of touching-up)!

We can’t explain why three joints should fail at once, but it seems to be true – it never rains but it pours!



14 thoughts on “Pegs and Glue

  1. Good to see they didn’t require long term nursing but could be fixed up swiftly in the Emergency department, thanks to Dr Whittling-Knife (orthopedics) and Dr Glue (general surgery).

    • Yes! They had the very best attention I was able to give them…I am a bit concerned with Arianell’s Ankle though…which some people may be able to sympathise with! I think it may need further surgery involving the dreaded Dr Drill Press.

  2. how fortunate that these sweet girls had a skilled surgeon/doctor to care for them! Dr. Quimper to the rescue!!

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