Hens in the Garden


Constance wandered out…



Snow-in-summer and Lemon Balm

…to the garden and found Snow-in-summer, Lemon Balm…








…and some impressive “Hens”!



Hens and Chicks

…and some wee “chicks”…




…so cute and tiny!




The other Hens and chicks had to be shooed away from the newly planted veggie garden!



13 thoughts on “Hens in the Garden

    • We are so pleased with the garden this year – I retired two years ago, and have been working towards this moment ever since then – I have very fond memories of the gardens around Teddington and Hampton Wick, where I lived for six years in the 1980’s.

      • What a lovely part of the world you chose to alight in. I was raised in the Berkshire countryside, in farming country. Life here is very different…

  1. Constance is right on, the poultry could make a mess of things. Your garden is very beautiful and probably a pleasant place to view.

    • Thanks so much – the growing things are a delight to watch – you can practically see them expanding before your very eyes at this time of year! Magic is in the earth and sun!

  2. Such a cute story! The squirrels won’t allow us to have hens and chicks in our garden…they keep digging them up and tossing them away. Maybe it is a good thing, as we had a fox run through this morning. Not a usual sight here in town. The Hittys were very sorry to missing seeing the fox. We love your garden!

  3. It’s always nice to see Constance at whatever undertaking she is doing. Her garden is delightful. Love the keys on her apron.

    • Constance is a good companion – unruffleable, and interested in the goings-on in Quimperland. The keys and scissors are part of her hussif, she wouldn’t be the mistress of the house without them!

  4. what a flourishing garden!! Marie Claire was quite pleased that you have such a sweet little hen and babies.
    Her human admired the plant hen and chicks!

    • It is flourishing! We are so glad to see things growing and blooming, having (I hope) figured out what the deer like to munch, and moved those plants to the back.

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