Lunar Eclipse

Flower Moon

The ever-optimistic block twins were camping out…




…with their telescope at the ready!




But it was pouring, and the forecast was for more rain…




…so they retreated into the cupboard where luckily they could watch the eclipse on-line…




…now all they have to do is be awake at 4:11 am Pacific time Wednesday May 26th!!



Click Here to see the NASA website all about the eclipse!



12 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

    • The twins are full of vim! Any astronomical event is an invitation to adventure, especially if it involves camping! We do live in a rainy part of Canada…surrounded by rainforest, though in the lee of mountains, so it doesn’t always fall here in the spring and summer, when it does it is wet! The tent is very dry inside, but unfortunately rainy weather inhibits star (and moon) gazing.

    • Opal and Agathe are very energetic, and the entire rest of the cupboard is glad that they have each other to entertain themselves with! Most of the others are satisfied with less adventurous adventures, but those twins thrive on excitement and unexpected ways of having fun! I don’t quite know why they have cornered the astronomical interests of the cupboard…perhaps because they think it is marvellous to try and stay awake until 4 am!

    • The telescope is from an Irish doll company called “Lottie”, which we love…the doll called Elsatuna, living with the Comox Valley Hittys is a Lottie doll. They have clothes that don’t fit a Hitty, but they do have interesting equipment. The company is committed to diversity in dolls, and make girls that are interesting! I am really hoping they will come up with a Lottie/Hitty sized wheelchair.

    • Alas, as predicted, it was pouring rain so the girls would have been unable to watch the eclipse either…even if they had been awake at the right time. They were reduced to watching re-runs, but first they had to convince Constance to stop watching the Icelandic Volcano-cam, and let them have a turn!

  1. I was fortunate to watch it on a balmy early summer evening at a civilised hour. Much less adventurous than the intrepid twins, but also much more comfortable!

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