Provençal Quilt Blocks 17 and 18


Vanilla and Constance helped finish up the last two squares of our one-block a month quilt!

The June block fabrics under Vanilla used fabrics purchased by my mother-in-law on her visits to France in the 1960’s and 70’s (plus a red fabric with printed leaves)

Constance is sitting on fabrics we used for the May block. She was with me when we purchased them in Aix-en-Provence in 2010 (plus a red fabric with printed lines and dots).




Here is the May block…




…and here is the June block.



Helpful Feline

The cat wanted to help lay out the blocks…



All the blocks

…here they all are – not the final placement.  I lay the blocks on top of a small quilt I already have that was pieced together using mullion strips. I definitely like this version better than the original pattern which calls for alternating the colour blocks with plain fabrics pieced into “hourglass” blocks. The original also makes a double bed size quilt and I wanted a single bed size, so this will work.  Up till now I have managed to avoid buying any new fabric in making this quilt – hooray!



17 thoughts on “Provençal Quilt Blocks 17 and 18

  1. So beautiful! I’m going to head into the closet in search of cloth today to make something for my new dollies. Maybe a cuddly quilts for them. First, though, I need to make some crochet/knit booties to protect their fragile feeties

    • Thank you very much, we just love all the bright and cheerful colours, and even the clashes seem to clash in a “good” way if you know what I mean. Soon it will be at the stage to send out to the machine-quilter – then binding, and finally, spreading on the bed in my workroom (and perhaps having a little nap!)

    • Thank you! I am very glad when the fun in the Hitty cupboard (and human spaces too) is appreciated. I have fun documenting my projects, and my adventures with the dollies in my life, and I am always happy to hear that you enjoy it too, it makes me happy.

  2. It’s looking really good, and how lovely to have such a team of helpers! Are you going to join the blocks together, or will you use sashing strips like the quilt underneath?

    • Thank you very much, Constance in particular is a good encourager. she was with me in Aix-en Provence when I bought some of the fabrics, so she has a vested interest!! My husband likes to help position the blocks so will “let” him help too! I will be “sashing”, definitely, though I think of it as mullions between panes… I have some dark green I think will work, and also just retrieved some fabric from Mother-in-law’s stash, which I gave her…may combine with that.

      • It’s going to be wonderful. My BIL is a cabinet maker and he calls sashing ‘glazing bars’, so you’re in good company.

    • Thanks so much! The finished quilt will go on the guest bed, so anyone who comes to visit, can see it in person! Not all the piecing is as perfect as all that though – I am counting on you being so dazzled that you overlook the “ooopsies”.

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