Henrietta in the field


Henrietta visited a lovely quiet garden…



Tree gate

…and then, walking through an Oak root tunnel…



Field Gate

…she climbed up the farm gate…




…to the top of the post, where she just sat, being part of the beautiful view of the fields in the valley.




An armful of flowers brought the memory of the field into the cupboard!



14 thoughts on “Henrietta in the field

  1. We passed many a field today as we cruised through Southeast Ohio on a Jungueing/Antiquing safari. And, Oh wow, wait until I post about my dolly finds! I looked for hitty styles but didn’t see any, though… bummer. We listened to Irish music as we watched the stormy clouds roll across the flat fields. A great day, indeed!

    • There was something so peaceful about the field sloping down and away, and bordered by trees…wafts of warm air floating up toward us, and little birds and rustles of leaves overhead…it was a very restorative place.

      • I feel that way around large bodies of water. Rivers, lakes, even the ocean which I’ve seen from foreign shores a few times… never from our own shores, though.

  2. How lovely. I was inspired to take a walk in the hay field….gathered a bouquet of oxe eye daisies and red clover. thank you for the push!!

    • The field edgess with daisies and clover, the pretty gate and the view down into the valley made us happy! It was quite a quiet day, luckily they weren’t mowing, though that will be soon, and then the field will be full of giant plastic mushrooms! It was nice to see it like this – just the right moment. I love bringing in a few flowers, even a tiny Hitty-sized bouquet!

  3. I have a place I go just to take in the view and be peaceful, too. But it’s a bit further away than the gatepost! That little wildflower bouquet is perfect.

    • The Quimper Hittys are lucky, we live very close to the sea (150 m or so) – that is our favourite peace-restoring place, but our little jaunt into the farmlands near here (15 km) was a different kind of pleasant…it was a lovely warm afternoon, and the little churchyard/garden at the edge of the field was absolutely heavenly.

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