It is possible to have two opposing and contrary views in a garden. Floradora likes it when all the plants are safely tidy in their beds…




…but it is also rather lovely…




…when they lean out over the rocks and pales…




…in effusions of escaped beauty…




…and deliciousness!



14 thoughts on “Escapees

    • We have rock edges around some of the garden beds (mostly in the front) and wood shingles in the back…It is very soggy in winter around here so it would be hard to have a successful rock garden I think, though we do have a few alpine plants…I especially love how the creeper has escaped the retaining “wall” and escaped into the lawn!

    • It is a daily practice for me – trying to see the small things that are not insignificant. Some times the big world is so difficult to deal with, I really prefer escaping myself into the little one for a spell…

    • Thank you – it was delightful out there, with the flowers, the birds, the insects, the cat, the dolls, AND the first strawberries of the season. A very pleasant morning withal.

  1. They are bright! We have several flowers in this family sprinkled around the garden including Sweet Williams in various combinations of pink and white. It might be possible to dye yarns that bright colour of pink, but I believe that plants in the dianthus family release bright dyes only to colour their own petals, not a dye that can be used by humans.

  2. How beautiful…. I know your Hitties all love cats and you too. I Loved all the photographs and story. Thank you dear Hitty Lady, Have a nice weekend, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia – our cats are our companions and our friends (when they want to be!) My black cat (Siyah) loves to follow me around our garden, and so does the Hitty’s cat! I hope you have a nice weekend too!

  3. a wise and rewarding way to appreciate a garden, tamed and tidy or a bit wild and free. Lovely photos and sentiment.

    • The garden is good place to contemplate both tame and wild plants…a summer pleasure for sure. Tending the flowers and potential produce make us happy except when the slugs, raccoons and deer wreak too much havoc, then it isn’t quite so delightful…but we are learning to adjust to even their depredations!

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