Sweet Garden Morning


Floradora’s new crop has been sown, and is sprouting! We will have to make a new wooden sign for them…




…our young human wrote signs for her veggie patch, and the human wood-burned them.




Some if the signs are inscrutable to anyone not eight years old…



Swiss Chard

…but they are descriptive!




The best thing about early June is…



reach up

…the strawberries!!!



berry heaven

We planted a single wild strawberry runner last year, and it took off and ran completely wild!



Strawberry Morning

…it will be a strawberry morning!



16 thoughts on “Sweet Garden Morning

  1. What a descriptive garden Floradora has shown us today! Many hands have made this a sweet place to traverse. Thank you Floradora, for taking us along. Your strawberries look yummy. Ours are done for us now, boo hoo.

  2. Wild strawberries have the best flavor. We have them growing wild in our local woods ( in a clearing) when we taste them we cannot get over how much better their flavor is to the ones you plant from nurseries. Small but powerful.

    • The wild ones are absolutely a different experience! We were astonished at how vigourous the wee single runner turned out to be – this entire population was just a cluster of leaves at the end of a runner this time last year!!! Now we are collecting them daily, freezing most, and will probably get a jar or two of wonderful jam so we can re-live these lovely June days.

  3. I agree with Flora Dora…strawberries in June are the best….only to be surpassed by watermelon in July!
    Happy to see the garden growing and I did enjoy the creative signage!

    • We have never grown a watermelon…I think it may be too cool here, though we are hopeful, because the edible garden has a couple of mouse-melon plants – they look like Hitty-sized Watermelons!

  4. I thought I must have read wrong when I saw ‘Marigold nostrils’… As for the wild strawberries – bliss! They are so vibrantly fragrant and delicious. There will be much rejoicing amongst the Hittys!

    • Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, to be precise, but there wasn’t room for the “heavenly” according to Young Human! I am learning much! We are all enjoying the strawberries!

  5. Astonishingly beautiful work. So pleased to have found you, to say ‘thank you’ for all the things you taught me so many years ago.

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