Pizza Sleepover


Constance and Floradora invited some friends over for pizza…



fruit juice

…they washed it down with fruit juice…




…and ate cookies and a giant lollipop for dessert.



Sweet dreams

…Anthea and Floradora had a sleepover…



Strawberries and Cream

…and ate delicious strawberries and cream in the Hitty garden in the morning!



10 thoughts on “Pizza Sleepover

  1. Nothing could be finer than to have a pizza sleepover and be nourished in the garden in the morning with delectable foods. Thanks QH human and youngest member of the QH family for a refreshing romp in QH land.

    • We agree! Pizza for supper and strawberries for breakfast – a heavenly romp indeed! Anthea actually stayed overnight all by herself without her human! She was very brave!

  2. Nothing goes better with our Hitty’s than our Hitty’s with the youngest members of our families. Seeing your youngest member always lifts my spirit. The pizza party looks like everyone is having a wonderful time.
    We have gifted 3 of our nieces with Hitty’s and full wardrobes. Two of them are coming in from Oregon this Friday to visit. Our hitty cupboard is in full swing of excitement for their visit. We think a pizza party like the one you had looks like the perfect thing.

    • Everyone did have a wonderful time at the pizza party – humans drank milky tea with honey while the Hittys indulged themselves with pizza, fruit juice and cookies! Everyone enjoyed the strawberries for breakfast. How wonderful that you are getting a visit from some young humans – and Hitty enthusiasts too – I predict much fun and hilarity!

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