Barefoot Climb


Wool socks and slippers are put away for the season…




…time to go barefoot!



Foul Bay

It is much nicer to walk in bare feet on a day that isn’t too hot, or too cool…



Sooke Hills

…Floradora walked right to the top of the hill to see the view…



Garry Oak Tree

…and she says it is easier to get up onto a tree branch when you can flex your toes!



Path with Buttons

A lovely first barefoot walk of summer!



10 thoughts on “Barefoot Climb

  1. I haven’t gone barefoot in years. I used to love the no-shoe seasons. Our Hitty’s keep telling us, you are never too old to enjoy the little things in life that give us pleasure.

    On another note…I just read that fires are burning now in British Columbia…praying for you all…stay safe my friend.

    • Dusty feet, sandy feet, grassy feet – all the best kind of feet. We are lucky here, the fires are not anywhere near Quimperland, though we are so anxious about those who have lost everything, or are in danger of doing so.

  2. With the blue flowers standing amazing, fascinated your photographs… and sure I fall in love with Hitty Ladies… Thank you, have a great weekend, Love, nia

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