Scrap Happy Provençal quilt July 2021


I have been working on a quilt made with scraps of Provençal fabric bought by me in 2010 and by my mother-in-law in the 1960’s and 70’s.



Completed Top

Last month I finished all the blocks and began to work on the layout…here is the completed top!  The blocks are separated by plain green mullion strips, surrounded by two inch squares of the fabrics in a red,green, brown, yellow white sequence; followed by a one inch strip of yellow olives/olive leaves; and finally a red Provençal border print around the whole outside edge.



Hiding in the Corner

Constance likes to play Hide and seek on my quilts (any excuse to wear her Provençal finery)…the backing fabric is on the far left of this picture.



Washing Instructions

The two inch border squares were all cut from genuine scraps leftover from making this quilt! I even included some of the very wide selvedges, which include washing instructions in French!


I had planned a scrap wood scrap for this month, but there was a last-minute hole-drilling disaster which set me back a bit. That project will have to wait another month to be revealed!



Click here for blog posts about the individual quilt blocks.

ScrapHappy is a group of bloggers using up scraps of anything – no new materials…Anything made of genuine scraps is eligible, and posts come out once a month on the 15th! If you like the idea and want to join the group, contact Kate or Gun who devised and run this group.  Their blogs are the first two links below:


29 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Provençal quilt July 2021

  1. This quilt is an exquisite work of art. Incredibly beautiful. No wonder Constance wants to get lost in it and not be found for awhile.

    • Thank you so much! It has been a great “lockdown project”, and I am pleased it turned out so cheerful and bright – I needed it during those long months…I think it actually helped to have the square-a-month to look forward to. Constance is partial to the colours, having helped me to pick some of them out when we were in Provence together!

    • Thanks very much…the end is even better than i had hoped for when I started…all the colours did manage to join together in a sort of wild harmony. Even though I don’t think had any real doubt about it, I didn’t have it completely planned, and just trusted to the colours to make it work!

  2. Stunning! the colours are delightful and the washing instructions are a perfect scrap happy addition. Constance is beautiful in her finery, the straw hat is ” the icing on her head”. Love it all.

    • We love the way it turned out – all the memories as you say, and the bright colours – Constance is a great helper, and feels very grand in her traditional peasant outfit of Provence…she kind of wishes I would take her on a trip back there again, so she could stroll in the lavender fields, and eat baguette and visit the hilltop towns!

  3. Wonderful quilting! 🙂 ❤ So beautiful. Love that color scheme. I'm one step closer to making the sandwich before quilting on the vintage topper I found this past spring. I know, I'm really slow. Have to save up to purchase the batting… man, is it expensive here. The top is 95×95 inches… not a standard size. grr… I may just see if I can find a blanket close enough in sized and fold back the edges as binding.

    • I went with the red/yellow/green colours, but I have to admit I am tempted to try another quilt using the blue/white Provencal fabric scheme. My mother-in-law made a blue and white Provencal flying geese quilt, which I love. I may give quilting a rest for a bit though…my loom is feeling lonely!

      • Ohhhh, a loom. I have 2, an inkle and a rigid heddle (32 inch). They’re both still packed. Weaving is something I do more of in winter.

  4. Nice finish. I especially like the border made of left over fabrics cut in squares. How fun, the selvage with washing instructions! And of course Constance looks great in her finery.

    • I really liked those squares in the border too, it rather made the chaotic middle of the quilt calm down in my view…and I could not resist those washing instructions! Such fun to find a way to incorporate those! Constance really does enjoy putting on her lovely outfit including, or maybe especially her quilted skirt!

    • Thank you so much! It was a great project to work on during the pandemic – just one block a month seemed do-able some of those months where time seemed to slow down to such a sluggish pace…it feels like a real accomplishment to get it this far, and I will be looking forward to putting the finished (backed, batted and bound) quilt upon the bed at last!!

    • Thank you very much indeed, I have come a long way with the scraps – eh? Just a little bit at a time really added up, I am so glad I persevered! The end result was worth it!

    • Thanks very much – it was a lot of work, though not so bad with I had only really one block a month to focus on. I felt that if I made every block as beautiful as I could, in the end they would go together somehow. I think I was more successful some months than others, or more inspired, or less down-in-the-dumps, or something. In any case I am glad it turned out the way it did!

    • Thank you! It feels like so long ago that I started, and will be a little while yet until I get it through the final stages, but it feels very good to get it this far! I have actually been coaching a friend who had never made a quilt before, but wanted to use all Liberty fabrics – two more opposite quilts you can not imagine, though we made the same blocks every month! She is very pleased with hers too!

    • Thank you! We enjoyed the process of making the quilt very much, and are also very glad it is now almost finished! Constance is always happy to wear her beautiful Provencal clothing – it brings good memories – but there aren’t very many opportunities!

    • Thank you so much! The fabrics and colours remind me of visiting the south of France, and we are so glad to have pieces made by my mother-in-law too! A Quilt full of memories!

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