Mustikkapiirakka 2021

Blueberry bounty

Blueberry season is upon us!



stems leaves and flowers

Mormor knew that although 25 litres of blueberries seemed overwhelming at first, they could be dealt with one blueberry at a time…




…then among other things, we could make a favourite summer recipe handed down from her isoäiti (Finnish grandmother). This Mustikkapiirakka was big enough to feed dessert to six hungry humans, and still send some home with everyone!



a treat

A little scrap of dough leftover made a delicious cardamom roll.



Cardamom roll

It felt good to sit down for a while! Kiitos, Mormor.




13 thoughts on “Mustikkapiirakka 2021

  1. Ah, a cardamom roll sounds like an intriguing delight. My ethnic background did not pick up on cardamom but I do love it in chai tea! The idea of it in rolls is giving me an itch to locate a recipe!

    • I’ll happily send you a recipe! They are delicious, though being extracted from Scandinavian ancestors, I must have a strong cardamom-appreciating gene. Cinnamon rolls just don’t taste right without a pinch of cardamom added!

    • She really appreciated sitting down, sipping her favourite brew and feeling glad of the blueberry harvest, all picked over, frozen, jammed, sent to relatives, baked into pies…phew!

    • Alas for the sugar-rationed, it is sweet yeasted dough with eggs, butter and cardamom. Very delicious, and everyone hopes for the scraps so they can roll them up into little buns.

      • I have a rather good stevia-based brown sugar substitute which works pretty well in most sweet recipes. It sounds yummy, Now all I have to do is wait for blueberries to be in season!

  2. Cousin Ida is very impressed with Mormor’s creation! And her work ethic…that is a LOT of berries! Love the little bun idea!

    • we buttered the leftover dough, and sprinkled some cardamom sugar on it before rolling it up. Mormor baked it in a Human-sized tartlet tin for about ten minutes! Fiddly but delicious (she wishes she could mail one to Cousin Ida).

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