Lavender Tussiemussie


On a hot end-of-July day…




…Constance wandered out to lose herself in a cloud of lavender-green fragrance…




…and the hummm of black-and-yellow buzzing bees.




She collected a few stems and bound them into a tussiemussie with a twist of grass…




…and carried them indoors where the scent of lavender wafted all around the Hitty cupboard.



12 thoughts on “Lavender Tussiemussie

    • Constance only puts on the Provençal outfit a couple of times a year…she thinks Lavender and Provence go together somehow, and would gladly take you home for a visit, and a sniff of the lovely lavender!

  1. Lavender has a calming effect on the soul. It seems to have the same result just viewing Constance holding her wee Lavender spray. Love her outfit especially her white cap.

    • Thanks so much – all the fabrics were bought in Provence, and I began the outfit there under the eye of my Provençal/Canadian sister-in-law…except for her linen bonnet which was made from the corner of a lace-trimmed Hanky. We are glad to share the beneficial effects of lavender!

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