Autumn Chanterelles


One of the best things about fall on the west coast is the mushrooms!



Many Mushrooms

A family friend dropped off a box with more than 2 lbs of freshly picked Chanterelles…




Henrietta and Floradora picked out the pine needles and ferns, and then ripped some of the mushrooms into small shreds…




…which were fried in butter and and then beaten egg and ground black pepper were poured over top.




Omelette for dinner!



13 thoughts on “Autumn Chanterelles

  1. Chanterelles used to grow in the woods across the lane when I was a young child… I haven’t eaten one since I was about 8 years old, but I can still remember how they taste and smell….

    • I didn’t realise they grew in the UK! Did you like them? They are a very expensive treat from the store, but we have friends who go picking every year…this has been an excellent two weeks for mushrooms apparently – lots of rain after a hot dry summer!

      • Oh yes, all over northern Europe! They’re delicious, but sadly quite elusive. My mother taught me to hunt for them by sniffing, as they’re supposed to smell a bit like apricots. They certainly do have a fruity aroma, but I’m not sure it’s apricots, myself!

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