St Cecelia


A quartet of girls is singing…




…accompanied by Rose on the Piano.




Then Viola picked up her viola…




…and played a lovely solo!




Happy St Cecelia’s Day – let’s join the Quimper Hittys and make a joyful noise for the patron saint of music!



12 thoughts on “St Cecelia

  1. Such a wonderful, round the piano, at home concert!
    You Quimper ladies have so many talents. They certainly lead very full and interesting lives. We are very quiet, perhaps a little dull in comparison, but we do love our hobbies and our home.
    Love to you all,
    Mary and Roberta N-Q Hitty xxxx

    • The Quimper Hittys love their piano! There are dull moments in the cupboard, especially when the human is feeling either very busy, or somewhat dull – but we tend not to record them for posterity.

    • We love the amazing little piano with each little individual key! We spotted it in a little antique shop – and the Hittys have made very good use of it over the years! The songs they sing are sweet whispers of music – I can’t quite make them out but it is lovely!

    • Singing makes them happy! There has been a lot of need for cheering activities in the province, and while we can’t do much – we can add some sweet tiny voices to the sounds of rivers of rain.

  2. It is so nice to see (and wishing I could hear those little wooden voices and their cheering music) the QHittys celebrate yet another special day. I always appreciate being brought along to view these wonderful times on Quimper Street.

    • Thank you! We spend lots of time listening to music – and in winter, it does feel like music can brighten the dark! We feel like St Cecelia’s day is the beginning of our favourite musical season!

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