Sweet construction

Gingerbread House

Willa’s gingerbread house was bare…




…so were the rest of them…




…but we had lots of candy…




…and royal icing…




…and lots of help…




…we all had fun!



18 thoughts on “Sweet construction

  1. Oh my, Kjerstin! What beautiful gingerbread houses. Loved the photos. Lucky Hittys to have such a cute little elf helping with the construction. Did any of those candies get eaten before they decorated the roof? Judith


    • There was a fair amount of sampling going on, but as far as I heard there weren’t any digestive repercussions! All the elves were helpful…the tiny wooden hands were particularly useful in positioning the smallest satin candy pillows!

  2. Willa, your mom would be very proud of you. I am! Keep up the good work and be a very good girl to your new parents. You are extremely lucky to have landed where you are! Love, Dad.

    • Willa is doing her best to smile her way into the hearts of her new family…we have to say that we love her cheerful attitude and especially her willingness to pitch in with big jobs like making the gingerbread village! We feel very lucky that she came our way!❤️

  3. your Gingerbread Houses are a true Christmas Village. They turned out great. I can smell the aroma of gingerbread across the miles. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful times with us.

    • You are so welcome, we love to share the fun with young friends and relatives, and you! Such a satisfying construction site…and a lovely time was had by all the humans and dolls who worked on the village!

  4. fun was had by all I am sure!! So much sweetness in every way! What are the white marshmallow looking rounded things with pinkish interiors?

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