Snowy Sunset


A blustery, chilly evening…



…Henrietta walked down to the rocky foreshore to watch the waves…no visible sun this evening, but the water glowed a little before darkness fell!



14 thoughts on “Snowy Sunset

  1. We’re in the deep freeze here and do have snow now and wish I had the umph to get out and walk as you and your HIttys so admirably do. I always enjoy viewing life from your HIttys perspective.

    • This is not an umph-y time of year I don’t think. We were glad when we did get out, the ocean waves were very three-dimensional and active somehow…though we scuttled back indoors pretty quickly when darkness fell and the wind picked up!.

  2. Hi Kjerstin! Such a lovely photo of Hitty Henrietta watching the horizon for hints of sunset, her coat a darker echo of the snow-blue. Judith


  3. This is such a pensive photo. I hadn’t noticed the different hues of blue until I read Judith’s comment. I am glad she shared that.

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