Toasts hanging from the Quince tree…




…Willa and Henrietta are tying the toast…



Willa’s Toast

…to twigs and branches…



Henrietta’s Toast

…all over the tree.




Then they filled their wooden bowl with beer…




…and poured the beer down the trunk.



Happy New Year, Quince Tree

Wassail, Wassail!

Happy 12th day of Christmas…time to bless the orchard!





14 thoughts on “Wassail

  1. Kjerstin, your Hittys are daring little things, risking life and wooden limbs to hang toast in the quince tree–for the birds, I am assuming? Will they be gathering at the window to see which birds come to partake of their bounty? Judith


    • I think the Hittys bravery with respect to trees is because they are made from Tree-wood themselves and can’t imagine anything bad coming from hanging about in them. They will definitely be watching out the window to see if any birds partake of the toasts.

  2. Perhaps the Quince tree will show its appreciation and produce lots of fruit for Willa and Henrietta to enjoy. In any case, the woodens learned another bit about traditions. Willa seems happy with all the new experiences. She now leads a very active life. A wooden’s dream!

    • We love this tree all year! It has such beautiful silvery green leaves, swirled pink quince-blossom petals, perfect shade in summer, and sweet fuzzy fruit. The girls love being chosen to bless the orchard this year!

  3. You make traditions very fun as do your little associates, the Quimper Hittys. This is another very fun narrative and glimpse into the doings on Quimper Street in a backyard amongst the resting life there. It must be nice enough weather to wear “slippers” outside!

    • The weather this winter has been variable in the extremes – sunny and warm, followed by atmospheric rivers, followed by arctic outflows. We are never quite sure what we’ll wake up to!

  4. This is a lovely tradition. The wee wooden bowl is delightful! Thanks for another glimpse into the lives of the Quimper Hittys.

  5. how intrepid the Hittys are! hanging toasts in a tree around here would be an invitation to all area opossums and racoons to come feast!

    • Thank you! The person who opened the Forgotten Fruit beer was not impressed, but luckily this resulted in the girls getting enough for their libations, and we thought it was perfect!

  6. The girls look like they are having so much fun. I love the idea of hanging toast on your tree. I am wondering if any birds will come and try sampling some.
    The little wooden bowl is so special. I was thinking that perhaps it was made from the same wood as Eugenia?

    • We like the idea too! The bowl is made of Chestnut wood, and Eugenia is made of Arrayanes wood (Argentinian Myrtle). I can see why you thought they might be related – I think both were spalted (affected by fungus), giving those dark lines.

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