Pink and yellow in the garden


Willa helped wrap Gilly in her little shawl…



Walk they were both cosy for their garden stroll.




Alpine Saxifrage

The Alpine Saxifage quite liked the freeze-thaw episode we had, though not all the plants did.




The Christmas Rose is thinking about blooming…




…and the early Rhododendron is about to burst into blossom.



Witch Hazel

But our favourite January garden colour…



Yellow and Pink

…is the Witch Hazel!





12 thoughts on “Pink and yellow in the garden

  1. Hello Willa,
    It is so nice to see you encouraging little Gilly to take an interest in the garden and to take exercise on a dry but cold day.
    Those lovely shawls are perfect for such expeditions. We take turns with the cobwebs lace one you so kindly sent us. It belongs to Granny Blessing really, but on icy days she stays home. We take great care of it when she allows us to borrow it th go shopping or to forage for early dandelion leaves for supper.
    We have never seen a witch hazel in early leaf. What a wonderful green! It is such a hint of spring to come.
    Happy wandering,
    Love Mary MAY xxx

    • We are so glad that Granny Blessing is enjoying her shawl…it sounds like I might need to knit another one! The colourful yellowy-green petals of the Witch Hazel are my favourite thing about the garden at this time of year!

  2. I’m looking outside at a foot of snow that fell overnight, so it is with double the wonder that I see the blooming alpine saxifrage and witch hazel! I love that Willa and Gilly dressed to match the garden. Or could it be that they have inspired the garden to bloom! Their shawls are so lovely! Thanks for taking us along on this garden stroll. Love, Judith

    • Gilly and Willa looked out the window and saw the Witch Hazel in bloom, so they dug out some yellow and pink clothes to pay it a visit. I like the saxifrage too – such a pretty plant. I planted the Witch Hazel in that spot because I can see it from my workroom window!

  3. Oh how lovely that pink and yellow reign now in the garden (perhaps other colors too?) and that Willa and Gilly could join in with that breath of energy too with their garb. I felt refreshed by being able to join them in their jaunt. Thank you little wooden dears!

  4. Things are very difficult now…but this story lightened the day. Lovely reminder of seeing flowers in bloom again…and Gilly is always an endearing loving presence.

  5. what a sweet journey to the garden…i must say this reminds me of you and the youngest human!! Brought a smile to my morning.

    • The dolls always love to go outside with me, rain or shine…I must admit to being slightly less inclined when it is raining! Young Human is quite similar to the dolls in that way, but she brings a smile to my face often!

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