Valentine’s Day 2022


Teatime for dolls…


…and doll’s dolls…



Day of Love

…Happy Valentine’s Day to Humans, dolls, and doll’s dolls, and pets…more love in the world is good!



17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2022

  1. Sending armfuls of Love to all the Hitty’s in Quimperland, their humans and all the wonderful people who comment on this appreciated, uplifting blog. Love you all so very much. Happy Heart Day.

    • Thank you – I do spend a lot of time sewing – but this particular Valentine outfit was made for us by the Woodsbluff Hittys! We love it, and get it out nearly every February for some lucky Hitty to wear!!

  2. Thank you, Kjerstin, for inviting us to this lovely tea with dolls, dolls’ dolls, and pets! I have never seen a kitty cat smile before, but no wonder this one is. Look what she’s having for tea. So much fun! Judith


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