Afternoon Walk


A late winter walk…




...felt more like spring today.





It was an afternoon of flowers…




…and bees!





6 thoughts on “Afternoon Walk

  1. How beautiful. Each photo. The sunshine on the moss covered ground and the trees and bushes pushing out little green buds is mesmerizing to see here in the East. The flowers inspire us to wait a month or so for our turn. Thank you Willa for taking us along today.

    • That mossy view up the stone wall lane was gorgeous! I was glad I had my camera, and Willa was so happy to be out and about today. We both hope the buds and blossoms will emerge soon for you too, and in the meantime we recommend getting some flowers for your prettiest vase!

  2. How exciting..Bees!!! That is really a sign of warmer weather. And those spring flowers. Hitty is so generous to share her walk with those of us still dealing with winter temps! Thank you

    • The bees were a complete surprise, but maybe they shouldn’t have been…it certainly was warm that afternoon! I hope your Winter recedes pretty soon, and the bees come humming around your house and garden!

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