Blue and Gold from the garden


Some dolls know what it is like to feel lost and abandoned – For a hundred years Guttersnipe was on a dusty shelf and Mudlark in the muck of the Thames river. They feel very sad when they hear the news these days, so Arianell sent them out to the garden on a hunt for special flowers.




Guttersnipe was uplifted by some blue Brunnera…they look like Forget-me-nots!





Mudlark picked some sky-blue Scilla…




…and Arianell fetched some golden daffodils.




Small dolls can’t do much to solve giant world problems, but they can hope!!


A Blue and Gold Friday Bouquet…





12 thoughts on “Blue and Gold from the garden

  1. I love blue colour… and they are so beautiful in these photographs, Thank you dear Hitty, Lady, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  2. Vast oceans are composed of tiny drops. Even the actions of small dolls make a change in the universe. I’m too far to do much on a practical level, but my sister in France is opening her home to a refugee family.

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