salad greens

We’ve planted some garden vegetables – salad greens, carrots, beets, sunflowers…




…this is the gooseberry bush’s second year – we might have fruit!




…and we’ve been trying to grow mignonette – maybe this is the year we will find out what it looks like!





8 thoughts on “Seeded

  1. Viola is a beautiful Hitty. I just love her. Glad your weather allows her to start planting and checking out the growth of the goosberry bush. I’ve neer heard of mignonette before…it will be interesting to learn more about it.

    • We love Viola too, she is very calm and a bit shy…Mignonette is mentioned at least three times by Rachel Field in the Hitty book, so we’ve been trying to grow it, as yet unsuccessfully…maybe this is the year!

  2. I am inspired to try and grow the Mignonette…i ordered seeds and we shall see what happens! Love seeing VIola in her garden…her pleated pinny is quite pretty and practical.

    • “Let’s see what happens” is a good way to garden…there are always surprises! Just now I am hoping the insects can brave the gale force winds and pollinate the gooseberries!

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