Happy Birthday to the Queen


Jane and I have been working in the kitchen – measuring fruit and marmalade, and blanching almonds…




…to make Dundee Cakes!



Best Wishes

Said to be Her Majesty’s favourite tea cake, if it is true, we hope somebody baked her a specially delicious one today, and served her favourite tea! Happy 96th Birthday to our Queen!





10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Queen

  1. I’m sure Her Majesty is being indulged with all her favourites on her special day, but in her shoes I’d still want to sample a slice of your Dundee cake! And I do think Jane is looking particularly festive for the occasion.

  2. We all love Queen Elizabeth here in the states too. Hoping she has a wonderful birthday with those yummy Dundee cakes.

  3. what a marvelous way to celebrate the birthday of her Royal Highness! And Jane looks just splendid in her bonnet!!!

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