Watercress Festival


Tomorrow is the Alresford Watercress festival…



Watercress Dance

…we wish we were there to join in the watercress Morris Dance…



Good Queen Cress

…and to choose a Watercress Queen!




Jane checked the Alresford Festival Recipe page…




and made a giant batch of Watercress Risotto…




…for a Watercress feast!


We had a lot of trouble choosing from all the delicious-looking recipes, (click here for recipes).  The humans all agreed that the watercress risotto was delicious…one of the very picky humans said it was the best he’d tasted since a memorable meal in Parma!


Happy Watercress Day to you and yours!

(click here for a link to the Watercress Festival “what’s on”web page)


7 thoughts on “Watercress Festival

  1. This is another very cool celebration in your region. It looks to be well attended. Recipes are overflowing with magnificence. We would like to join in but with a bit more rustic fare: lambs quarters is what we’ll be serving here in our seasonal servings.

  2. That watercress salad looks yummy and so healthy. Quimper girls do such a good job of educating us. Thank for the Recipe Link. I am going there next

  3. I believe all of the Quimper Hittys deserve the title of Cress Queen…and sweet Jane most of all!! What a fun celebration. I enjoyed reading the recipes! thanks.

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