Socks for friends


Rose and I have been in a sock-knitting mood since January…



Special Request Socks

...starting with these specially requested socks with purple tabby-cat yarn selected by a certain young human)…



Guacamole Socks

…and followed by Guacamole socks…



Easter Socks

…Easter (and early Birthday) socks…



Too big, drat, socks

…socks for a friend…




…it’s good to have friends!



12 thoughts on “Socks for friends

  1. My dearest friend Kjerstin, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for lovely pair of spring socks you gave me for my birthday. I enjoy wearing them. Love Bodana.

  2. We may not exchange socks, but I do call you a special friend~long distance. What a pretty array of socks and so very well done. Aren’t you glad there are such “past-times” to keep one moving along in life?

    • Dear friend, you put your finger on it! Past-times do keep me going forward…what a circular situation, as is a grandma knitting socks for young’uns (on circular needles no less)!

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