An Island

Island in Thyme

Sitka is partial to islands, even a little rocky island in a sea of thyme…



…here she is contemplating the change in her sense of time since she stopped being a tree and became a doll!



15 thoughts on “An Island

    • It finally seems to be warming up enough to consider an expedition to the beach! Sitka is very comfortable here in the Hitty cupboard – we’ve measured the distance from the cupboard to the beach, and it is virtually the same distance as it is from the place where her tree stood to the beaches near SGang Gwaay!

  1. i am imagining the shift in thinking of ones days as being rather ephemeral compared to the growth of a tree, especially an old growth one. She has much to ponder and a lovely home in which to contemplate her future!

    • Favourite photographer thinks hers was one of the biggest trees on the island…now she is a small being finding her way around, but with people and Hittys that have loved her as tree and doll! She’ll be OK!

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