Knitting Season 2

feline assistance

The Hitty cats are being as helpful as usual…




…the Shetland wool Fair Isle tam is off the knitting needles…




…and we are trying to darn in the ends.





15 thoughts on “Knitting Season 2

  1. Love these cute kitties. Mine are all napping just waiting for me to pull out some wool and needles. Can you point me in the direction of the instructions for these little cuties??

  2. so beautiful, and your little lovely cats too. You know how I love knitting and crochet… Soon I will start to knit sock, once again, I hope I didn’t forget it. With circular needle… Thank you, Love, nia

    • Dear Nia, I love to knit with circular needles, I find it is less alarming than knitting with double-pointed needles because the stitches don’t fall off the ends! I also love hand made socks, and colder weather is coming!

      • I haven’t knit before with circular needles, I try to learn now. Thank you, Love, nia

  3. Good Morning Quimper Hittys!
    We wish you a happy autumn season.It is always such a pleasure to see you and your Person preparing home, garden and clothes closest for the cold weather to come. How wonderful to have your Hitty cats to help with the darning in! We think we should visit a cat sanctuary and adopt one, or perhaps two.
    Much love,
    Mary and Roberts Not-Quite-Hitty

    • Thank you – we do enjoy a cat on our lap, though it makes knitting awkward. Our autumn preparations are proceeding, but the fall rains haven’t arrived yet…it is a bit alarming! Good luck with adopting a kitty – or two!

      • And they wear plenty of it down south, where the sheep live, but up here, it’s too hot for both sheep and woollen clothing. I have a couple of things tucked away for when I visit down south in winter, but that’s about it. I miss chunky hand-knits, I must admit…

  4. Having the kitties there will help pass the time while you weave in those ends…assuming that’s what you do with knitting? I’m more familiar with crochet. It will be a beautiful tam the way it looks…memories for the cats?

  5. cats of all sizes are always eager to help with any sort of sewing, knitting, crochet project….all those loose threads!! So enticing. Your project is looking good!!

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