October in the Kitchen

October Kitchen

An October morning in the Hitty kitchen. The apple basket is full…




…and Jane has been busy…



Peppers and Oregano

…drying hot peppers and herbs…



Jelly and Jam

…putting the jelly and jam into the larder…




…and laying in a supply of our favourite beverage…


tea time!

…we do enjoy our tea times in the October kitchen!





15 thoughts on “October in the Kitchen

  1. The Hittys are so lucky to have Jane. With her culinary knowledge and skills, she is a true treasure, a real asset to the Hitty Cupboard.
    Jane dear, you so deserve to put you feet up with your kitty on your lap and a good book. Enjoy your cup of Darjeeling!

    • The Hittys know how lucky they are – Jane is a hard worker, and they appreciate the results very much. After her tea break, she is going to look through her recipe book for spicy things requiring hot peppers.

  2. Jane is my kind of doll! Happy in the kitchen. Love the drying ristra of peppers and herbs! She is such a busy little lady.

  3. Forgive me asking, dear Jane, but why are you wearing a peg on your apron? Your industry is both impressive and intimidating, and reminds me I have things to plant this morning…

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