Puffin Placation

The Hittys and Bjork fill a bag with rubbish.

Tansy’s Islet cleanup is the first phase of the Puffin-placation/Bug retrieval project. Bjork grabs some old shotgun casings, Min discovers a flattened old creamer, Constance picks up a chunk of manky styrofoam, Rose finds a short length of pink flagging tape, and Tansy packs it all in to the bin liner…No wonder the Puffin was cranky…


Heave-Ho my Hearty Hittys.

Now on a clean and tidy islet, the Quimper Hittys offer a sincere apology to the dear kind Puffin. They are truly sorry to have added to the garbage entangled in the sea wrack.  They offer a Very Large fish in exchange for a Very Little Bug.



Fish, Glorious Fish.

The Puffin is pleased with the exchange.



Bath, Glorious Bath

The bug is not pleased about the soap… he is still dreaming of Puffins.



This is the last part of the Puffin Islet story.   To read the previous installments, click here.



4 thoughts on “Puffin Placation

  1. Those Hitty’s are such industrious problem solvers. Its a Good Thing that Puffin is amenable to a tasty bit of fish. I fear it may be some time before The Bug no longer carries whiffs of Puffin breath (and we can guess just how old-fishy that must be).

    • Apparently Puffins eat crustaceans too, but the Quimper Hittys didn’t want to tangle with a Very Large Crab. The Bug is immune to the miasma, but the Hittys insist on him being scrubbed thoroughly (again).

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