A Reluctant Dragon

Carya and Fern are feeling contemplative.

Fern was given a beautiful new dress and apron by a generous Hitty friend.  She is contemplating whether the tea is sufficiently steeped in her favourite teapot. Carya is amused by the extraordinary noises coming from the next room…


Dragon encouraging is not easy.

With ingenuity, perseverence, adhesive, and plain hard work,  Rosie and Eugenia have finished constructing the Dragon puzzle.  Their further plans require getting the dragon to a new location…it seems the hard work isn’t over yet.


This is part of A LONG Story



11 thoughts on “A Reluctant Dragon

  1. Fern is wearing a beautiful dress and that is a nice teapot. Dragging that dragon is a huge task for the little ones. Looks like Hitty Rose has blended in with her new family.

    • The Teapot just appeared one day – the Quimper Hittys like it because it makes LOTS of tea! Rosie is indeed a gem, she seems to get along with everyone, is firm in her opinions and always willing to pitch in.

    • Making a proper cup of tea IS hard work, and so is getting a dragon to move when it is inclined to stay put! Carya and Fern were altogether sweet, while the air around Eugenia and Rose, I am afraid, turned slightly blue.

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