Shells and Seaweed

Among the Bladder-Wrack.

 The seashore is a great place for observing nature.  Perched on a rock, Tansy considers the next destination for a spot of shell-hunting and seaweed-spotting.

All it takes is a little Mussel.

First she finds some giant Mussels.


Cobwebby Seaweed.

She wonders if a sea spider is responsible for this green web.


Turban Snail.

This lovely Turban Snail has a purple periostracum, and a little green limpet hitching a ride.


Algae fronds.

With greeney yellow fronds, these algae make a forest when the tide is in.


Iridescent Snail.

Were these seashells tossed into the forest – by winter storms?  ravens? humans?


A lap of little shells.

Some of the shells Tansy saw were found in an archaeological site – they are thought to be around 10,700 years old.


Who would have imagined the most interesting collection was in the outhouse? Bones, dried kelp holdfasts,  glass float fragments, a crab exoskeleton, seashells, and other altogether eclectic flotsam.


10 thoughts on “Shells and Seaweed

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  2. If people spent more time enjoying nature, I think they would be more peaceful and happy. Just love your discriptions of the natural treasures from the sea. Tansy fits right in. I think Constance trains her sisters well !!!

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